Юрист в сфере морского права/Maritime Lawyer

Юрист в сфере морского права/Maritime Lawyer
Лицензия 546689
Адрес Украина, Одесская область город, Измаил, Хотинская 79
График работы c 8-00 до 19 00
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Юрист в сфере морского права/Maritime Lawyer
Грузовые претензии, арбитраж, арест судна, иное.
Cargo claim, arbitration, arrest of the vessel, etc
Искров Константин/Iskrov Konstantin.

- working-out foreign contracts, participation in negotiation;
- preparation and supervision of the conditions of the charter parties, chartering of the vessels;
- preparation other contracts (apart concerning with shipping);
- protection of the arrested vessels;
- preparation of the court and arbitration cases and participation in these cases on behalf of claimant/defendant;
- detailed analyzing of the requests of the control bodies, preparation reply on their.
- consultations and reports on the issues of applying of legislation (civil, commercial, international, criminal, tax);
- objection against reports of tax bodies on result of supervisions of the companies, to challenge of the reports, actions, decisions of the tax bodies (corporate tax, VAT, income tax);
- communication with lawyers in many countries on different legal issues.

Tel. +380983073018
Email: Iskrov_k@ukr.net
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