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Maritime Agency PALLADA Ltd. Maritime Agency PALLADA Ltd. Maritime Agency PALLADA Ltd. Maritime Agency PALLADA Ltd.
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Адрес 10 Tretyakovskaya str.,Kaliningrad, Russia
График работы Пн-Пт 09.00-17.30
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Our company have provide full crewing service for different types of vessels like dry and general cargo, bulkers, containers, reefers, oil, chemical tankers, LPG and many types of offshore vessels. Our data base contains about 4500 seafarers having necessary documents. All specialists are trained in the marine training centers of the Baltic State Academy.
Certification of marine staff will be in accordance with the requirements and standards of ISM code, IMO regulations and STCW-95, also with your company requirements and requests. There are two high maritime schools and one college prepares marine specialists every year in Kaliningrad. So we will have provide, if your company need, cadet’s program with high education specialists.
Our company has a wide experience in crewing activities. During six years we provide with Russian workers to the Canadian factory and other specialists such as welders, turners, electricians, drivers for another Canadian factories. Also we begun to cooperate with two shipyards in Norway with providing there workers for sandblasting works and painting board of vessels. At the present time we have a cooperation with some European companies and two Asian offshore companies.
Crewing service is our main activity. We are interested in the establishment of the new business contacts, that’s why we would like to offer a long-term cooperation in this activity.
Now we are looking for new shipping companies, which are recruiting marine officers, ratings and other workers.
From our part we are ready to select and provide candidates to according with company requirements, check their documents and certificates, as well as check the knowledge of the English language, their working in the multi-national crews.
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