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Gati Ship, a subsidiary of Gati Ltd, is a one stop logistics solution provider for all sea bound cargo shipments. Gati Ship Limited commenced its operations in 1995 as Gati Coast to Coast, to serve as a logistics solution for all sea bound cargo. Over the last two decades, Gati Ship has evolved to provide an end- to- end logistics solutions with
Gati Pride
Shipping Cargo Services right from origin to port, port to port and port to destination using multimodal connectivity.

Gati Ship has the advantage of being the major coast to coast service provider from two prime locations in the Indian Landscape –Chennai and Port Blair.

Arrow First to start on Chennai -Yangon -Chennai service.
Arrow And only operator on direct service of Tuti -Colombo -Male -Tuti service.

Gati Ship is the custodian of a unique fleet of multi-purpose vessels that are designed to carry all cargo types ranging from heavy weight cargo to voluminous cargo are also highly fuel efficient plus technically enabled to ensure swift movement of shipments. All vessels are equipped with the most advanced handling facilities on board and a highly
Gati Pride
experienced crew to facilitate efficient and safe movement of cargo.

With over 17 years of experience in the industry and a fleet of multi-purpose vessels, Gati Ship has the capability to service customers across diverse industry verticals and is all set to become the leader in organized cargo movement in the Indian seas.
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