Corona Crewing

Corona Crewing
Лицензия APN12_0216
Адрес 34 Berth, Constanta Harbourt , GSP yard Constanta, Romania
График работы 8:00-19:00
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Corona Crewing SRL is organized as a standalone crewing company duly authorized by the Romanian Naval Authority (RNA) since June 2012. Corona was established as a logistic and legal necessity towards Romanian specialized marine and offshore labour force recruited and employed by Corona Crewing clients worldwide.

The pool of experienced offshore and marine professionals as well as the graduates seeking a career worldwide chooses Corona Crewing for the personalized recruitment services.

The company, specializing in temporary and permanent staffing solutions, seeks talents for its clients being determined to provide the most responsive customer focused staffing and crew management services. Our clients rely upon Corona Crewing due to our high responsiveness, commitment consistency, communication alignment and motivation to support the development of individual careers and offshore and maritime businesses sustainability.

Corona Crewing provides best manning solutions for proper vessel or rig as a result of managing a large and comprehensive database of highly qualified personnel.
Corona Crewing provides tax free services for candidates and strives to remain an affordable business partner for its clients by practicing fair prices.
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