Anglo Eastern (UK) limited Latvia

Anglo Eastern (UK) limited Latvia
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Адрес 12, citadeles str., Riga, Latvia LV1010
График работы 8:00-18:00
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tarting from 2004, the recruitment of marine personnel is our core business and we have earned a strong reputation in the market. Working with one of the world's most prestigious ship owner and operator we provide stability and preferable working conditions to our seafarers.
Today AE Riga office provides over 700 skilled and motivated employees for 15 Heavy-Lift vessels.
In return, we aim to provide long-term employment and career development for any seafarer seeking to realize his/her potential.
Our operating procedures are based on Anglo-Eastern practice adapted to Latvian conditions taking into account the local regulations and client requirements.
Our range of services includes:
Selection and recruitment of well qualified and suitably experienced officers and ratings
Contract formalities
Crew joining and repatriation formalities
Crew travel management
Visa formalitiesProcessing of flag certificates
We look forward to serving you!
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