Amber Shipping Line

Amber Shipping Line
Лицензия 059
Адрес 16, Rupniecibas Street, corps 2 Riga, Latvia LV1010
График работы 8:00 - 18:00
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Since company was established we are acting as chandlers in all ports of Latvia. Our basic activities are: full ship management, ship chartering broker services and crewing department, ship agency.

We were able to create united and professional staff team with permanent experience in cargo and marine handling sphere, who knows all shades of this business. Ship agency department team has received certificates of Latvian National association of ship brokers and agents.

Our task is to provide high quality ship agency services in main ports of Latvia. We would like to offer following services to ships entering main ports of Latvia to carry your cargos:

1. Complete range of ship agency services according to Maritime Code of Latvia;
2. Protection of cargo shippers and receivers interests;
3. Regular information about ship condition, berth and cargo readiness;
4. Precise disbursement invoices;
5. Agent charge discounts for our company nominating;
6. Organization of inspections, testing, draft survey control;
7. Organization of crew replacement, medical support services for ship crew, superintendent and crew transportation services (upon ship owner’s request);
8. Legal document execution on behalf of client.

Close contacts with port authorities, terminals, shippers and receivers allow us to keep our customers well informed about vessels' movements, berth and cargo readiness Good knowledge of maritime law, fast customs clearances and careful mailing about vessel's schedule, accurate and clearly filled Notices of Readiness and Statements of Facts allow us maximally protect interests of our principals.

ASL has its crewing office based in Riga, LATVIA and are headed by seasoned masters and/or chief engineers who understand the crew management and its requirements very well. As our company is specialized in Crew Management Services from 2007, we carry out manning with qualified, motivated and
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