Alvis Co Ltd / Алвис Ко

Alvis Co Ltd / Алвис Ко
Лицензия AB 585119 Министерство социальной политик 07.03.2012
Адрес Одесса ул.Большая Арнаутская, 2-Б
График работы 8-18
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Alvis Co Ltd was set up in 2006 as an independent shipping agency
that specializes in attending tankers and other tramp vessels in Odessa and Yuzhny seaports.

We are dynamic and ambitious company,
which has the advantage of wide experience and professionalism of the staff.

Our operation office is located near the Odessa Oil Harbour.

Main features which allow us to be competitive, meet all the requirements
and provide high-class ship agency service both to Charterers and Owners, are:

• Long experience in maritime business obtained by attendance of oil tanker and gas carrier fleet at Odessa and Yuzhny for
more than 15 years;

• Deep knowledge of local rules and regulations;

• Good connections with local authorities (port authorities, pilots, immigration, customs, sanitary, environmental control),
forwarders, local suppliers;

• Fast information handling and transmission, quick response to the current situation changes, operative coordination with
Master, Shipowners and Port Authorities/terminal;

• Transparent company policy and standing upon the Owners' interests in solving of the most complicated problems arising
during ships' calls, and their successful settlement as a result;

• Cost efficiency of the provided services. Port stay duration and port expenses are minimized.
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